From the ground up: here at WebTronic, we can take care of absolutely every element of a website build, so that you can showcase your business in the best light. We’ll design it, build it, write all the copy and even help you manage it going forwards.

Please note: if you buy a WebTronic website, you’re entering into a minimum period of 12 months. This starts on the date of the first invoice sent according to these T & C’s.

For the purposes of this document ‘website’ refers to any site built as part of the WebTronic service. When you buy a WebTronic site, you’re entering into a contract. The details of this are outlined in:

  • These T & C’s.
  • The order confirmation.

Rates and terms for WebTronic Lite

  • Upfront payment – £249. This includes the full design and build of a website (usually with up to five pages), ready for your approval.
  • Monthly charge – £30. Ongoing management service.
  • Minimum term – 12 months

Rates and terms for WebTronic Connect

  • Upfront payment – £549. This includes the full design and build of a website (usually with up to five pages), ready for your approval.
  • Monthly charge – £30. Ongoing management service.
  • Minimum term – 12 months

Rates and terms for WebTronic Plus

  • Upfront payment – £1049. This includes the full design and build of a website (usually with up to ten pages), ready for your approval.
  • Monthly charge – £35. Ongoing management service.
  • Minimum term – 12 months

Rates and terms for WebTronic Duluxe

  • Upfront payment – 40%. This includes the full design and build of a website (with up to 20 pages), ready for your approval.
  • Additional pages (beyond 20) – £100 per page.
  • Monthly charge – £45. Ongoing management service.
  • Minimum term – 12 months

Please take some time to review our website or talk to a WebTronic account manager for more information. All costs detailed in this document are in UK pounds and are exclusive of VAT.

WebTronic Lite: Features

  • Consultation– an in-depth phone consultation where you can talk us through your requirements. Your advisor will recommend the best ways to approach the layout and structure of your website for the most effective results.
  • Design– full custom design by a skilled web designer including (usually) a home page, contact page and additional content pages. Every business is different, but most websites typically require up to five pages with no more than one video link per page. Every website may include up to five stock images, 25 images and four PDFs all supplied by the customer. The final number of pages in your site will be at the advisor’s discretion following your consultation. Any responsive, mobile websites developed will have the same pages and layout as your desktop site, so that design and function remain in harmony across both. If you have specific design requirements, it’s critical that you express these in your initial consultation before design commences.
  • Content– we will create content that describes your business activity and location – this will all be created in line with our SEO methods. If you have specific keywords and information you need us to use, you must let us have these before we get started. We’ll use our resources, experience and skills plus details of your initial consultation and any content provided by you. We can build you an image gallery with room for up to 12 images of your products/services. The website will be optimised for mobile browsing.
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)– your site will be fully optimised ready for search engine analysis.
  • Unlimited amendments– under our fair usage policy (found in product rules), we can make minor amendments to content and images (including adding seasonal offers).
  • Hosting– we provide full, reliable hosting and backup.
  • Website address– we can issue you a .co.uk address at an extra charge or use your existing domain. The same address will apply to both your desktop and mobile sites. You’ll need to provide us with any information for transferring domains, but we’ll let you know what we need.
  • Email accounts– We can provide an email address with 1GB of storage for £20 per year (though larger accounts can be requested) which will use your domain (i.e. [email protected]).
  • Social bookmarking– we’ll add links to your social media accounts across the entire website (usually in the footer).


WebTronic Connect Website Features

  • In addition to WebTronic Lite Package, WebTronic Connect offers you one of the below handy extras
  • Online booking form 
  • Appointment booking
  • Reservations
  • Reviews


WebTronic Plus Website Features

  • In addition to everything in the WebTronic Lite package, WebTronic Plus offers you these handy extras (where a feature is repeated, it replaces the terms of the same feature above).
  • Design– you’ll enjoy custom design by a senior professional. WebTronic Plus websites usually include a total of 10 pages with no more than one video link per page. Your site can have up to 25 stock images, plus up to 65 images and eight PDFs supplied by you. The eventual number of pages will be at the discretion of our senior designer, taking your consultation into account. The mobile version of your site will have the same pages as your desktop site. If you have any specific design direction, you must tell us before we get started.
  • Content– we can provide web copy, smarten up your existing copy or use content provided by you. This will be determined by your initial consultation. You’ll need to let us know about any critical keywords or information that you want us to use during our initial consultation. Your WebTronic Plus website can have gallery pages or slideshows with a maximum of 12 images of your products or services. We can build a total of five galleries or slideshows. If you don’t yet have a logo, the senior designer will create one for you. All content will be optimised for mobile browsing including touch-enabled elements, mobile menus, content sliders and social icons.
  • Email Accounts– see WebTronic Lite.
  • Google Places™– we’ll claim and set up your business listing on Google Places™. We’ll populate it using information from the initial consultation, and we may include your business name, address, coverage area, contact details and opening hours. Once it’s set up, you’ll be entirely responsible for maintaining the account going forwards.

WebTronic Deluxe Features

Your WebTronic Deluxe package includes all of the above, plus a few extras (where a product feature is repeated, the feature set out above will apply):

  • Competitor analysis– let us know three of your main competitors and we’ll perform a full analysis, which you’ll get to review ahead of our consultation. We find this helps customers get the very best out of their package.
  • Dedicated account manager– you’ll enjoy end-to-end support from your own personal account manager.
  • Multiple design concepts– not sure what you want? We’ll build up to three design outlines so you can pick your favourite.
  • Design– all design elements will be custom and performed by a skilled senior professional. Your WebTronic Deluxe website will include a maximum of 20 pages (depending on your needs). You can have five product gallery pages (if you want extra gallery pages, these can be built for an extra £100 each) and the total number of pages in your overall site will be at the discretion of your designer. We’ll take your consultation into account and build the most efficient site plan possible. If you have any specific design preferences, you must convey these during your initial consultation.
  • Photo Shoot– your dedicated account manager may decide that your website would benefit from a suite of professional images. If this is the case, we’ll ask for your permission to send a professional photographer out to capture sufficient images (Charges apply)
  • Regular performance analysis– our ongoing support includes regular monitoring of your website’s performance. Your account manager will stay in touch to discuss how the website is going and provide suggestions on how to develop it and build your audience.

Product Process

  • Once we’ve received information from you, we’ll call to arrange a consultation. If you’re snowed under or due to be away for a short time, let us know a good time to call you.
  • If we can’t get hold of you to arrange the consultation within five working days, we’ll have to get started on your website without the benefit of the consultation.
  • When the site is built, we’ll send you a temporary link for your review. You’ll have five working days to respond via telephone or email to let us know any feedback or changes required.
  • Your website will be set live when either 1) your requested changes have been made 2) we receive confirmation that the website is good to go or 3) if we receive no confirmation either way within five working days.

Product Rules

  • By purchasing a WebTronic package, you are acknowledging that we will never take owneship of the domain name.
  • You’re agreeing that you’re authorised to use all content (images, logos etc.) provided by you. Your website must comply with all relevant laws, codes of practice, regulations and standards applicable to you and your business.
  • Fair usage – while there isn’t technically an upper limit to the number and regularity of changes you request, if we think things are getting a little out of control (so that our workload and other customers are affected negatively) we will be sure to let you know. If we can’t work out a better way forwards together, we may have to terminate or suspend your website.
  • While we’ll do everything within reason to improve your SEO, we can’t guarantee exact rankings due to factors outside of our control. Naturally, our SEO approaches guarantee that your site will be easily read by search engines.
  • Our designs are based on industry best practice and there are some limitations (beyond elements such as font, colour schemes, headers, layout etc.). We’ll let you know if any of your ideas or preferences are out of technical reach.
  • We may occasionally need to update your website without prior notice in order to optimise its functionality, design and content.
  • Your site may include an unobtrusive ‘designed by’ link to the WebTronic website.
  • We will provide, as a minimum, (i) phone support between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday (with the exception of public holidays) and (ii) responses to any emails within five working days.
  • Some WebTronic features are reliant on external parties such as Google and social networks. By signing up, you acknowledge that we can’t always provide a product feature if you don’t meet their criteria and that we don’t have any control over said third party’s own services. You also acknowledge that the third party’s service might be changed or interrupted occasionally. These events won’t permit you to terminate your services and we will not be responsible for any resulting impact.
  • Where our features include working with a third party website, you acknowledge that we’re authorised to do so on your behalf and that we can complete any ongoing administration. You’re providing full permission for us to provide the information all content referred to above.
  • In some case, we may need to limit imagery on your site to improve its performance.
  • We can build extra pages on request – just let us know.
  • The eventual design and content of your WebTronic website are at the discretion of your advisor and designer.
  • If you’re signing up for WebTronic Deluxe, we may organise a photo shoot as detailed above. You can change the date and time of this but you must do so in a timely fashion. If you cancel or postpone within 48 hours of the booked time, we’ll have to apply a non-refundable £300 charge in addition to your initial payment and monthly payments.


  • Your initial upfront fee is due when we begin our contract. Monthly charges are payable each month on the date that the site goes live, or 45 days after this contract begins, whichever is the soonest (this is your ‘payment commencement date’).

Term & Termination

Our contract with each other begins on the date that you receive your order confirmation and will continue indefinitely (until it’s terminated). The contract can be terminated:

  • by us, by giving you no less than 14 days’ notice of the termination.
  • by you, subject to our 12-month minimum term which begins on the payment commencement date. You must contact us on 0333 577 3341 to inform us you wish to terminate the contract. You must give us at least 14 days’ notice before the end of a service month (being a period of one calendar month starting on your payment commencement date) so that we can terminate your contract within our T & C’s at the end of that service month. If you notify us within less than 14 days of the payment commencement date, we’ll terminate the contract at the end of the next service month.

Promotional Rules

These conditions apply to any sales offer or promotion run in relation to WebTronic websites.

  1. Throughout these rules, WebTronic is referred to as the “promoter”.
  2. The promoter is able to, at its own discretion, change or withdraw all promotions. For example, the promoter is able to amend promotion closing dates or, if no such date is specified, insert a closing date or remove all references to the promotion in these rules (subject to condition five – see below).
  3. The promoter accepts no responsibility for claims, costs, losses, liability or expenses suffered by any company in respect of promotions (to the extent permitted by law).
  4. Unless clearly stated otherwise or as agreed by the promoter, promotion benefits of any promotion featured in these rules (i) can’t be used in conjunction with any other promotion (whether featured in these rules or not) (ii) is not transferable and a cash alternative won’t be provided.
  5. For utmost clarity, promotional conditions can remain available as part of these promotional rules for a short period of time after any identified closing date for said promotion and/or after the promotion is withdrawn. Wherever possible (but with no obligation), we will attempt to identify conditions which reflect promotions no longer available as having this status within these conditions. Wherever conditions are removed from these rules as they relate to a historic promotion and an issue arises in respect of said historic promotion, the conditions applicable to that particular promotion will be those available on this document immediately – prior to their being removed in any update.


Updated on 2nd August 2017


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